Wizards (lat. Magus) are educated people whose goal is to reveal secret knowledge about the meaning of life and the hidden forces of nature that were once known to the priests of ancient cults. The Latin name for magician (magus) comes from the name “Magi” of Zoroastrian priests. Through them, the Greek term “magos” developed, after which the magic got a name.

The original wizards in ancient societies were shamans, who played the role of spiritual leaders, healers, psychics, prophets, psychologists, and spiritual advisors in their environment.

In the Middle Ages, sorcery was associated with Hermeticism and alchemy.

According to biblical and mythological sources, witches and wizards were persons or deities who possessed magical powers and secret knowledge, such as: Merlin, Simon the Magus, the Witch of Endor, Solomon, Medea, Kirke, Hecate, and Hermes Trismegistus.

Sorceresses are angelic healers with magical powers. They are highly educated and spiritually enlightened women who possess secret knowledge of the meaning of life, healing, astrology, have mastery over the elements of Nature.

In ancient times they were known as high priestesses who advised rulers, while in the Middle Ages they were proclaimed witches.

Sorceresses are also known as Shukra’s priestesses. Shukra is the Sanskrit name for Venus, which is considered as the embodiment of the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, like the Roman Venus and the Greek Aphrodite. It is the principle of ananda (bliss), truth, love, beauty, harmony, purity, fertility, creativity, charm, charisma, art, sophistication, expressiveness, joy, originality, good behavior and female sexual energy.

In a spiritual sense, it represents the first spark of the Light of Truth (Venus is the first morning star) – it awakens in us a striving for truth and purity. Therefore, she is the only one who possesses the Mrita Sanjeevani Vidya or the secret skill of reviving the dead and other mystical and occult powers. She is a legendary demon teacher, as she is the only one capable of teaching and illuminating the path to stumbled beings.

Since Shukra’s primary role is to illuminate the path of stumbled beings, it is logical that many Lightworkers follow her path.