Mermaids – Sirens

Mermaids are friends of the Dolphins and guardians of the sea and ocean. They are beautiful women with upper body, dolphins, or fish with the lower body.

Mermaids have been in myths and folklore since their first appearance in ancient Babylonian stories. They appear in Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Scandinavian, British, German, and African myths and legends, as beauties of irresistible appearance and voice, who shared their love with sailors through their songs. Throughout history, the testimonies of various sailors about encounters with the Mermaids have been recorded several times. In the literary culture, we find out about mermaids first in Greek mythology, where Homer mentions them in the Odyssey. The Greek hero Achilles was born of a mermaid, and some Greek families today still claim mermaid blood in their lineage.
During his voyage through the Caribbean Sea, Columbus also had the opportunity to see the Mermaids and said: -“The three mermaids raised their bodies above the surface of the ocean and although they were not as beautiful as the painters depict them on their canvases, their round faces had above all a human appearance!”


  • Sirenes – are enchanting nymphs who hypnotize with their song. They are the protectors of the Greek goddess Persephone. They have legs like humans and wings like birds. They can swim underwater, but inhabit rocky islands and caves.
  • Arctic mermaids – live in the polar regions. They have long white hair and light silver tails. They are also known as cold water mermaids. They are excellent warriors who feed on fish.
  • Deep-sea mermaids – stay deep underwater, never going out in the sun. They have seaweed hair and their tails are dark blue or black. They are the guardians of the secret marine life.
  • Open ocean mermaids – live in the upper Atlantic in summer, and move to the tropics in winter where they integrate with tropical mermaids. They have beautiful blonde, copper, and red hair, their tails are green, blue, or light purple.
  • Undines – are freshwater mermaids and water spirits.
  • Tropical mermaids – live in warm tropical waters near coral reefs and brightly colored plants, sit and travel on shells. They are always in groups, they don’t like to be alone. Tropical mermaids are very friendly, have bright tails in pink, red, and blue shades. They love pearls very much.
  • Merrows – Irish Mermaids who have green hair made of seaweed. They swim underwater with the help of a magic red cap. In Wales they are called Murgas.
  • Ceasg – or Scottish mermaids appear on sea waves. Like goldfish, they bring good luck and if you catch them they will fulfill your 3 wishes. Legends say that if a sailor and a mermaid fall in love and find true love, Ceasg transforms into a human being – she gains legs.
  • Selkie – reside in the British Isles and Iceland. They can easily change shape and transform into humans and walk on land.
  • Chilota mermaids – are beautiful mermaids, always in good mood, with golden-blonde hair and golden-shiny scales on the tail. They act like teenagers – cheerful and always smiling, and willing to help. They feed on plants. Chilota mermaids are very gentle and possess extraordinary powers of enchantment.
  • Aicaya mermaids – live in the Caribbean. They are of human origin – their ancestors were people who were exiled to the sea. They are all very different but support each other. They are always in groups.
  • Cecealia mermaids – are very lonely and are usually alone. They are not in the mood for company and socializing, so they can be hostile. Most of the time they reside in swamps, although they can be found in the oceans. Instead of tails, they have octopus tentacles.
  • Ningyo mermaids – live in Asian waters. They are very beautiful and seductive creatures with red tails. They have pearly tears and are masters of earthquakes.
  • Marakihau mermaids – are ancient mermaids from New Zealand folklore, with dark skin like a seal, and transparent tail, and thick seaweed hair. They are sort of taniwha or guardians of the sea.
  • Mami Wata mermaid – is actually a water spirit that originates from Africa, but also resides in South America and the Caribbean islands. It can change shape and gender, although it most often appears in the form of a beautiful, sexy woman who brings abundance. Mami Wata are the guardians and protectors of all waters around the world.