Lightworkers or Earth angels

Lightworkers or Earth Angels are souls who from birth have a strong urge and a strong inner longing to spread the Light of Truth, Knowledge, Freedom and Love throughout the Planet.

It is their Dharma, the inner mission, and the purpose of living. They feel it as their main life task.
They carry within the seeds of spiritual awakening and healing of the planet.
They do not belong to any religion, philosophy, or ideology, but are guided by unconditional Love, compassion, and a desire to help other unawakened souls. They can help in various ways: as avatars, spiritual teachers, guides, therapists, healers, doctors, artists, creators, inventors, scientists, journalists, writers, leaders, and the like.
They have consciously chosen to be born as people caught in a karmic life cycle to experience and explore all the forms of Maya (illusion) that exist in human life duality.
They are awakened souls who have accepted the limitations of their human incarnation, in time and space and see all their experiences as one whole, after which they determine in which areas of life they still have to evolve, which experiences they have to go through and what they have yet to learn. Accordingly, they determine the circumstances for further growth, development, and evolution.

How to recognize a Lightworker in yourself?
  • If you feel deep inside an inexplicable nostalgia for the “celestial spheres” and feel as if your soul does not truly belong to this world.
  • If you feel a great connection to the spiritual side of life.
  • If you value all living beings equally.
  • If you deeply respect life, nature, people, and animals.
  • If you feel pain and sorrow when somebody hurts people, animals, plants, nature around us…
  • If it is natural for you to live without prejudice, doubt, and aggression.
  • If it is natural for you to live in a world where there is honesty, trust, tolerance, acceptance of differences, and it is normal for you to solve everything through friendly communication.
  • If you are intuitive.
  • If you have a highly developed empathy and read the emotions, moods, and thoughts of other people, animals, and plants without any problems.

Lightworkers have lived through many incarnations while living on Earth and have gone through various experiences as: healers, priests, ascetics, psychologists, doctors, “witches”, shamans, etc. They represented a bridge between the visible and the invisible, manifested and unmanifested, earthly and heavenly. They were often rejected, persecuted, and killed for it, which left deep traces and traumatic memories in their souls. This is the root cause of the unconscious fear of expressing who they really are.
Today, we badly need Lightworkers as leaders. Our planet needs healing, peace, love, serenity. The goal for this change on the planet to happen is in a peaceful and intelligent way. People are evolving, times are changing, today we are closer to a dream than we were before.

If you recognize yourself in this…. it’s time to wake up!