Elves are mythological creatures that bring good luck, which is why they are associated with the four-leaf clover.
They look like humans only they have pointed ears. Mostly, they are small creatures with etheric bodies no larger than 5 to 15 cm, but there are also those of medium size and very tall.
Like fairies, they live in forests, springs, and wells. They are immortal guardians of Nature with magical powers.


TInkerbells or Pixies are miniature fairies with pointed ears, often wearing a green outfit and pointed hat and etheric-transparent wings, like Tinkerbell! They usually reside on flowers and among the clover. Pixies have innocent childlike energy of joy and playfulness. They look fragile but are very fast and brave. Glittery things attract their attention. They like to engage in “mischief”, so they enjoy hiding and moving things. They are cute, communicative, and very playful! They can help you to heal your inner child.

🧚‍ SYLPHS 🧚‍
Sylphs are elves of the air or air spirits. They can be of different sizes. They are known as messengers of Lamp Djinn or Spirit from a bottle that fulfills desires, who transmit information by the wind. They have beautiful colorful wings like butterflies, and quickly can change shape and turn into butterflies as needed. Butterflies follow them wherever they go. They can touch us with a gentle breeze, and help us to develop telepathic communication.

Faen are elven wizards and curious explorers who are constantly on the lookout for mystical wonders and new spells. They really like laughter, song and, strong positive emotions. Feans are about 3.5 meters high, value security, family, friends, and peaceful and comfortable life.

Elven warriors are an aristocratic society. They are passionate, emotional, excellent wizards with highly developed logical thinking. They are an accompanying army of Archangel Michael.

Moon elves are tiny, impulsive creatures that are constantly on the move. They can’t stand being in one place, they have a strong need to move. Moon elves are adventurers eager to “go crazy” who do not want to settle down in one place. They are friends with the Moon Fairies.

Water elves are small tiny creatures with wings and pointed ears, but they also have developed gills for living underwater. Although they can live on land, they prefer to stay in the water in small communities. They friends with Undines, Mermaids, and River Queen.

Solar elves are builders and leaders of elven empires. They are an ancient elven race, which is why they can be conceited, arrogant, and proud. They are obsessed with perfection and everything they do must be perfect. As they expect perfection from themselves, so from others. They have unsurpassed masterful and artistic skills.

Snow elves are half-elves, half people who were not accepted by either elves or humans, so they retreated north to the snow-populated areas. They live in isolation and do not want to socialize with elves or humans. They feel betrayed by elves and people who have forcibly entered their mountain valleys and homes. They developed meditation skills for deep exploration of inner being and retreat into oneself (deep transcendence).

Tree elves are tiny creatures that have built entire cities within trees. They are the guardians of forests and trees, together with the Forest Fairies, Dwarfs, Green Man & Green Woman – the spirits of Nature.

Gray elves are the noblest elves living in forests. They are considered as the protectors of the Good in the world. They are the main helpers of the Gray Wizard.

Green Man and Green Woman are the spirits of Nature. They live in the bush and among the treetops. They move easily and quickly among plants. Sometimes the Green Man can be seen playing the flute. They are protectors of forests and plants. Friends are with fairies and elves. Their task is to heal nature, especially plants and trees. They are excellent herbalists healers.

Fairy magical flames or the dancing fire are bright white flames of light scattered all around the central light. They can be named fairy powder as well. Fairy flames are a trademark of Star Fairies.

Water sprites are small, tiny creatures that can be seen on water as flashes or sparks of white light, who are related to the Sirens and Undines. They are 16 to 18 cm high joyful creatures who love to dance on the water. If they recognize a soulmate in you, they will give you a beautiful stone or shell. They have a playful, carefree childlike energy with a sense of magic!

The elementals are tiny magical people like beings with etheric bodies. They are the spirits of fire, water, air, and earth. They are masters of the elements of Nature.