Dwarfs are spiritual, mythological humanlike creatures up to 30 cm tall. They are short, stocky in appearance, have a large nose and pointed ears. They wear neat suits and hats in different colors and shapes. They are the guardians of treasure and earth and are excellent gardeners, always smell like wild strawberries. They live in stumps and trees. Dwarfs have cheerful nature and adore gifts, especially gems, crystals, glittering pebbles, flowers, biscuits, and cakes. They can be seen popping out of holes in tree stumps and sometimes disappearing into the tree itself.

Wakyambi are tiny but extremely powerful women-like creatures, half dwarfs, half-elves, that possess great power over the rocks and minerals of the Earth. They work with rocks, gems, crystals, and metals, and are considered guardians of gems, crystals, and hidden treasures.
Wakyambi are 35-40cm tall, look like humans, are dark-skinned, live underground, and can change their shape. They move freely between the Earth, the fairy world, and the world of people. They are friendly, well-meaning, kind, unwavering, and steadfast beings who respond well to love. They eat food made from their element.
Because they are cheerful in nature, they love celebrations and dancing.