Conny Petö Đenes

I was born and grow up in Osijek, a beautiful city on the Drava river. At moment, I’m living in Poreč, a town on the seaside of Croatia, as a happily married woman, head of Health Center Harmony, coordinator of Atlas Therapy branch in Istria, and columnist about health for Parentium Media.

From early childhood I was a rebellious and independent spirit, insisting on personal experience of truth and understanding things, more than blind acceptance of the knowledge and belief received from others. I was always interested in art, dance, beauty, and spirituality, and because of that, I have integrated these three things into my personal and professional life.

My work is not based on religious or some philosophical belief, it’s based on equality, (no matter of gender, age, race, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.), nonviolence, socially responsible behavior, tolerance, and acceptance of differences between people.

I’m using my knowledge and skills eclectically with a holistic and friendly approach through the integration of knowledge and wisdom of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, various directions of psychotherapy, natural medicine, and art.

According to the personal experience of Theta Healing, I have witnessed various healings, and have acknowledged that by changing person beliefs one becomes more fulfilled, happier, and more successful in his/her daily life. I teach people how to take responsibility for themselves, their actions and feelings, to recognize the “inner saboteur”, to awaken their deepest desires and needs, and to achieve autonomy and authentic living.

For years I worked in the NGO sector doing artistic, therapeutic, humanitarian, and voluntary work in the cities of Vukovar and Osijek. Now I work in Poreč and through skype with people all over the world. I can work in Croatian and English languages, also I do understand German as well.

In my free time, I write books and columns, dance, paint, practice yoga, transcendental meditation, and TM Siddhi program, walk in nature, and read spiritual and psychological books. I have a special love for Angels and Fairies.

I live in accordance with my beliefs, so I love to say for myself:
My birthplace is Earth with no boundaries
Religion: Love
Political conviction: Freedom and decentralization (non-political)
Lifestyle: Vegan – „We are all One“
Working place: Light Worker in Global Country of World Peace