Avatars & Saints

Avatar (Sanskrit: Avatāra = descendant from heaven) is the incarnation of a great (highly developed) soul who comes to Earth out of mercy towards humanity guided by compassion. Such a soul is free from Samsara and karma and after death goes back directly to the seventh plane of existence in the Brahma loka (God’s heavenly place), unless for some higher reason it chooses otherwise. Avatars can be divided into:

Personal – incarnations of souls who have attained moksha and now reside in Brahma loka as co-creators.

Planetary – incarnations of certain karmic principles, laws of Nature, Vedas, etc. (eg Guru Dev was the incarnation of Vedanta, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Yoga, Triguna of Ayurveda, Osho of Tantra, Mother Teresa of mercy, Pythagoras of mathematics, Einstein of physics, Joan of Arc of courage, etc.)

Cosmic – incarnations of great spiritual teachers, saints, deities, such as: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, Odin, Zarathustra, and others.


The roles of cosmic avatars are global, because they influence many people for a long period of time. The task of planetary avatars is to help, for example, one nation or a group of people or a general contribution. While personal avatars usually help a family or a smaller  group of people driven by great compassion and love.

Saints are pure souls, who during their life on Earth, through their last personality (embodiment), were enlightened and canonized.
The term “saint” originally came from Christianity, although it is used today in a broader sense.
In Catholicism, at first, the apostles, Mary, and the first martyrs were considered as saints. Later on, more saints were recognized.
Religious historians also consider enlightened people from non-Christian religions to be saints, who use different terminology for the same: Hindus call them rishis or sikh gurus, Buddhists bodhisattvas or Dalai Lama, Islamists wali, Jews tzadik, etc.
Some of the saints are also considered as Ascended Masters.
The most famous saints are:

* Mother Teresa
* Saint Anthony
* Saint Foshka
* St. Francis of Assisi
* Saint Germain of Paris
* Saint Hilarion of Gaza
* Saint Nicholas
* Sufi mystic Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī
* King David
* King Solomon
* Enoch is the seventh descendant of Adam
* Priest Melchizedek

We pray to the saints when we ask for help. They can also be our spiritual guides in the afterlife.

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