Archangels are heavenly messengers. They are most attached to the Earth, transmitting God’s commandments and helping people.
They can be male and female and belong to other spheres or orders of angels.
The closest to us are:

  • Michael – the commander of the heavenly army, and protector, removes fears and negative energies.
  • Gabriel – God’s messenger, encourages communication and supports writers, teachers, artists, and counselors.
  • Raphael – God’s healer, helps in the healing process.
  • Uriel – the bearer of God’s Light, helps us to open ourselves to receive God’s love and light, dedicate ourselves to spirituality and enlighten.
  • Jophiel – the bearer of God’s glory and beauty, helps us to see the inner beauty in everyone and the magic all around us and to shift the perspective from the negative to the positive.
  • Zadkiel – leader of Dominos, the bearer of God’s righteousness, provides support in the creation of joy, love, freedom, forgiveness, and grace; we pray to him for the healing of emotions and injuries from the past.
  • Metatron – is the celestial scribe who records our good and bad deeds. He connects Heaven with Earth and helps to release injuries and the past and follow the highest path. He was a human prophet on Earth before ascending to the angelic realms. He is still considered an angel of sacred geometry and a member of the Order of the Seraphim.
  • Ariel – the lioness of God. She leads the order of angels of virtue. She helps people who care for animals, the environment, and nature. We pray to her for our well-being and happiness.
  • Haniel – the bearer of God’s intuition, known as the angel who plays the harp. People prayed to her back in Babylon for energy detox from worries and negative energies. It is best to pray to her on a full moon. She helps to revive passion, raise energy, and awaken: psychic and spiritual abilities, clairvoyance, intuition, and inner strength.
  • Orion – a cosmic archangel, who protects us from negative energies and entities and helps to understand beauty, magic, and higher vibrations.
  • Muriel – the bearer of God’s tenderness. She is an angel of tenderness, harmony, and peace, helping us to stabilize emotions, and develop intuition, compassion, and unconditional love.
  • Azrael – the bearer of God’s will, known as the angel of death. His name means “one whom God helps.” He welcomes souls who have left the body and helps them in the transition from physical life to the spiritual world; assists in the perception of life as the soul passes through the “tunnel of memory”.
  • Chamuel – the bearer of God’s peace. He provides protection, love, peace, and compassion, and helps us to release tension, relieve our burden, and remove fear and pain from the body. He teaches us how to integrate divine love and peace into life. He also belongs to the order of the Seraphim. Like St. Anton, he helps us to find lost things.
  • Jeremiah – the bearer of God’s vision. He helps in developing clairvoyance, receiving prophetic visions, understanding the meaning of dreams, and sorting memories from the past for the purpose of perceiving life. He is a spiritual guide.
  • Raziel – a magician among the archangels, who carries and keeps the key to the secrets and mysteries of the universe. He helps in the discovery of new spiritual insights, the development of psychic abilities, removes blockages, enhances creativity, and the ability to enter the vibration of heavenly magic and manifestation. His halo has the color of a rainbow. He creates a rainbow in the sky. He helps in resolving blockages from past lives.
  • Sandalphon – is the protector of unborn children. She transmits our prayers and messages from Earth to Heaven and makes sure that our prayers are answered. He was a human prophet on Earth before ascending to the angelic realms. He helps musicians and poets.
  • Raguel – is an angel of justice and the bearer of God’s Harmony. He helps resolve misunderstandings and brings harmony and balances to relationships. He stands for order, honesty, and justice, and helps to improve communication between people and angels and to heal all relationships.