Angel Numbers

AN or Angel Numbers are signs and from the Divine.  Angel Numbers are a repetitive sequence of three or four numbers that appear in seemingly random places, sent by angelic beings, in your life to convey a spiritual or divine message.

These numbers can be used as healing frequencies in Angel healing music. These are essential sounds in transpersonal music therapy or sound healing, and they react to your mind, body, and soul in many different ways. ANgel frequency music is for healing, meditation, stress relief, clearing your psyche, cleansing, deepening your intuition, transcending, connecting with Higher consciousness.

– 11Hz 111Hz 1111Hz – positive energy of the guardian angel

– 22Hz 222Hz 2222Hz – vital energy, balance in life, the health of body and mind

– 33Hz 333Hz 3333Hz –the ability for improvement, the wisdom of life

– 44Hz 444Hz 4444Hz – overcoming fear, liberating guilt, cleansing, and detox

– 55Hz 5555Hz 5555Hz – soul reset, return to the Source, pure consciousness, positive change, future creation

– 66Hz 666Hz 6666Hz – the balance of matter and spirituality

– 77Hz 777Hz 7777Hz – spiritual awakening

– 88Hz 888Hz 8888Hz – abundance, receiving unexpected rewards

– 99Hz 999Hz 9999Hz – highest frequency of spiritual light.

– Zero frequency – is thought to have the effect of adding “O” zero to the AN frequency, thereby amplifying the influence of the intrinsic number.