Angel-Fairy Healing

Angel-Fairy Healing is a form of energy healing through meditation, visualization, transpersonal hypnosis, and directed prayer to angels, fairies or angelic beings.
A deeply relaxed meditative state allows us to act below the level of the conscious mind.
Using this method we fill our spirit/body system with angelic energies and unconditional divine love. This method helps us to:

  • renew our energy when we are tired and exhausted,
  • cleanse the aura of negative vibrations,
  • ground ourselves,
  • make protection from negative energies,
  • cleanse and neutralize negative karma,
  • activate dormant DNA,
  • activate 3 eternal molecules (prana, ojas and tejas),
  • raise consciousness to a higher dimension of existence,
  • heal emotions and broken hearts,
  • get in touch with our intuition,
  • attract kindred spirits and people who understand us,
  • and much more…

Because angelic healing is based on unconditional divine Love through directed prayer to angels, its benefits are manifold on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

The treatment is done in person or via skype.
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